1. M.D./M.S., and PhD scholar /Guides should be from Ayurvedic teaching institution recognized by CCIM.
  2. The scholars may route the communication through their guides or may ask for suggestions directly with a self authorization about their position as PG/Ph.D. scholar.
  3. The guidance/ inputs provided by CCRAS-RMIS are only suggestive in nature and are not binding on the research scholar or guide to adopt them as it is. These suggestions may either be accepted or rejected based on the feasibility in my study and as per the standard research practices under IEC/ IAEC or any other such mandatory requirements.
  4. There is no conflict of interest to the RMIS team working under CCRAS.
  5. The CCRAS-RMIS services may be acknowledged suitably where ever possible.
  6. RMIS team/ CCRAS is not responsible in any way for the non-compliance to the existing regulations in the study undertaken by the Research scholar.
  7. It is strictly prohibited to claim any endorsement/ sponsorship/ validation/ authentication by RMIS team/CCRAS/AYUSH either directly or indirectly by using these services for the study undertaken by the Research scholar.
  8. The services are FREE to all Scholars and Guides.
  9. The replies will be sent to Users through email within 2 weeks.